Cabin Package Details

Cabin detail


Listed below are the contents included in our log home shell kit. Our packages are complete with all the materials you need to build your log home or cabin from start to finish.


— Three sets of blue prints


— Treated Sill Plate
— Floor Joists
— Rim Joists (double)
— Solid Floor Joist Blocking & Metal Hangers
— Sub-Floor: 3/4″ T&G OSB wafer board
— Porch Deck floor joists, rim joists, metal joist hangers
— Porch and Deck flooring – 2×6 redwood decking
— Sub-floor Construction Adhesive
— Simpson A35 Metal Angles


Choose between lathe-turned logs for the rustic look, or milled logs for a more
smooth and accurate look. These logs are available in western whitewood species: Lodge-
Pole Pine or Engleman Spruce Logs:

Logs available in the following mill size and cut designs: 

— 7″ Round Swedish Cope Log (w/optional T&G system)
— 8″ Round Swedish Cope Log (w/optional T&G system)
— 9″ Round Swedish Cope Log (w/optional T&G system)
— 10″ Round Swedish Cope Log (w/optional T&G system)
— 12″ Round Swedish Cope Log

Gable End Choices: 

— Full log to match house logs
— Stick Frame with matching log siding
— Stick frame for stucco or siding
— Sashco log caulking with bulk metal caulk gun applicator
— Follow Plate
— 3/4″x17″ Ship Auger Bit for hardwood dowel holes
— 3/8″x17″ Bell Hanger Bit for Helix spike pre-drilling
— 10″ or 12″ Helix spikes (Olylog screws optional)
— Window and Door jambs – rough sawn 2″ thick (width to match log
— Floor Frame Skirting – 1″x12″ rough sawn timber

Interior Partition Walls:

— Framing: 2×4 and 2×6 bottom and double top plates, studs, blocking,
and headers
— Full round interior support columns (Rustic columns optional)

* OPTIONAL – interior wall sheathing: 1×6 T&G knotty pine boards for all
partitions on both sides


Ceilings Choices: 

— Ceiling Joists: Graded Structural Fir
— Loft Areas: 1×6 or 2×6 T&G Spruce/Pine decking


Roof System (Open Frame Example):

— Ridge Beam: engineered laminated beam
— Roof Beams: Structural Fir (24″/48″ O.C.)
— Roof Sheathing: 7/16″ OSB wafer board
— Felt Paper: 1 layer 15# asphalt
— Galvanized drip edges for eaves and rakes
— Colored metal roof, trim, and screws optional
— Knotty Pine 1″x6″ ceiling (in spruce/pine)
— Manufactured Trusses and additional framing materials as per plan design

Windows & Door options:

— Windows: vinyl construction, sliding, with full screens, and optional
colonial grid.(trapezoid windows not included) Wood construction
available at additional cost.
— Sliding glass doors with screens and hardware
— Exterior Doors: Front Door – 6 panel metal door pre-hung, Rear Door – Insulated 6 panel metal door
— Loft and Second Story Stair Cases: 2×12 stringers, 2×12 treads, 1×8
risers (OPTIONAL: half log treads, full log stair horses
— Porch columns: Full round Lodge-pole Pine
— Porch roof framing: rafters and girders
— Exterior Log Stain

* OPTIONAL: Deck and deck framing, Log railings, Structural Engineers stamp and calculations, (Utah stamp included), Snow load above 50# additional cost.

*Each log home shell package is individual and has it’s own set of materials. Please see contract and materials list for individual models. This Complete Building Package materials list is for general information only.