Q1. Aren’t log homes expensive?

The finished cost of a log home can be at many different levels. You can build a very simple design and the cost will reflect the simplicity. The more complex, the more per square foot the log home will cost. Costs are directly linked to number of corners or notches, number of log beams, high vaulted ceilings, amount of glass, big decks, covered porches and quality of finishing. Home costs are also tied somewhat to local construction costs in your area. A good general rule is if the style of finishing is similar in another type of construction, i.e. all wood finishes, and similar finishing, the finished log home cost will be only slightly more.

Q2. How do I start my log home experience?

Well, the first thing to do is establish a rough budget for your project. i.e. if home costs are approximately $115/sf and your budget is $250,000.00, then your home size should be somewhere between 2000-2500 sf of living area. Usually basement areas and garage area are less expensive per square foot.

Q3. Once I have established my budget, what do I do next?

After you have established a rough building size, you need plans. These can be selected from stock plans as shown in our stock plan selection or you can have a custom plan created for you. The custom plans give you the flexibility of putting your own personal needs and ideas together in order to make your home truly unique and personal. – One of a kind!!

Q4. Why would I want to build a log home?

A log home on the right property is one of the most beautiful pictures you can ever imagine, something that you will take tremendous pride in showing and owning. The warmth of logs is something you will never find in any other type of construction.

Q5. How do I get my ideas for my own unique custom home?

Most folks look through magazines and plan books, but short of that, just imagine yourself sitting on your site and envision which way you want to face and in which rooms? Which way does the sun travel? Do I have a view? Very rough, not to scale, block room sketches are all our well-trained log home design specialists need to start your design project.