Are log homes are dark and gloomy?

In Abraham Lincoln’s day, yes. Today, no. Log homes today tend to have large expansive windows, skylights, well-designed lighting systems and optional light-colored interior walls.

Do log homes require a lot of maintenance?

This is partially true. But log homes typically require no more maintenace than any other type of wood-sided and wood-framed home. Maintenance usually means periodic cleaning and application of protectant stains.

Do log homes cost more to build?

Log homes are typically custom-built homes, not mass produced conventional spec homes — therefore, they cost more. But generally they do not cost more than other types of custom home. Handcrafted homes can cost more.

Do log home walls settle and cause problems?

Again, this is mostly old information. Modern logs are thoroughly dried before used for construction, making them virtually free of the problems of the past. However, some settling is still possible, and most log home builders use special techniques to compensate.

Are log homes stronger than conventional homes?

This is almost completely true, because it’s actually the massive log walls that provide strength. Even though other parts of a log home may not be as strong as the walls, the walls tend to hold everything together in times of storms or earthquakes.