Rigby Remarks

Dear Potential Cabin Owner,

Tim Brown (Uinta Log Homes) has just completed building our long-awaited and eager anticipated cabin in the mountains.   I wholeheartedly endorse him and recommend him and his company to you without any hesitation for the following reasons:

1)      Honesty:  Tim is an honest businessman.  He works hard to give accurate information and then sticks with it.  There are no hidden surprises, no unexpected costs, and no switch and baits.  His invoices are accurate and timely.  He does what he says he is going to do.  You can totally trust him in all aspects.

2)      Quality Work:  He does the work well and he does the work right.  Everything he has done has been top quality generally and in detail.   His work looks great from the outside and I know it is sound on the inside.  There are simply no questions about his work.  It is top notch.

3)      Communication:  Tim is a great communicator.   At every phase of the construction, we knew exactly what was happening.  I can’t think of a time at all when he left us hanging or wondering.  He quickly responded to phone calls and emails.  He let us know about schedules and timing.  We thoroughly enjoyed seeing visual progress of our cabin on his web site.   He keeps his customers well informed.

4)      Flexibility: Tim was absolutely willing to work with us at every level.  We wanted to do sweat-equity.  That was great with him.  We wanted to use a different type of siding.  He was great with that also.  He listens to his customers and tries hard to meet their wishes and desires.  When something we were thinking didn’t make sense, he found solutions that did.  He is so easy to work with.

5)      Workers love him:  Every one of his crew and every sub I talked to thoroughly enjoys working for and working with Tim.  They work hard for him and meet his standards of excellence.  He has a real sense of leadership.  People are happy to go the extra mile for him.

In short, you couldn’t find a better contractor to work with.  He is a rare find and your best resource if you’re seriously looking to build a quality cabin.  As customers, we are totally satisfied with the decision we made to hire Tim and Uinta Log Homes.




Dane and Shelley Rigby


P.S.  This letter was unsolicited.  Feel free to contact us directly if you have questions.