Ten Steps To Mountain Freedom

Ten Steps to building your mtn home.


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 Where do I start? What do I do first? Am I ready to build yet? These are common questions every home builder has when they first think about building their new mountain log home.

That’s why Uinta Log Home has created their own Ten Steps To Mountain Freedom program. It’s to help you make your dream a reality, from visualizing it and taking the proper steps to achieve the finished product you want.


1. Create a Budget

The first step in creating your dream home is creating a budget that revolves around your plans, vision, needs and location of your property. It may even include the purchase of the land you’ll need to build your log home. We know you have worked hard for the money you are spending to create your dream home, so we make sure to walk you through the plans and construction process to help you get what you need without  wasting any of your time and money.

2. Determine a Location

If you don’t already own land, this is one of the first things you’ll want to look into. Here are a few questions to keep in mind: — Is the land part of an association? Are there any additional fees I should be aware of? — Is there access to power and water? Or should I consider other options such as solar and septic? — How is the view? What is access like during the months I would most likely be spending time there?

3.Choose a Set of Plans That Fits You 

If you can dream it, we can build it. A great place to start with plans is to determine a rough size of home based on the square footage and number of bathrooms and bedrooms. You can see some of the finished homes we’ve built to give you are starting point HERE.

4. Consultation With Uinta Log Homes

Once a preliminary set of plans are chosen we always meet with our customers in person to discuss any details or questions regarding the building process and the next steps to take. CONTACT US HERE

5. Customize Your Plans To Your Needs

Nothing at this point is set in stone. Alterations to the number of rooms and walls are no additional cost and can be discussed at the time of consultation. The  average preliminary planing cost is $600.

6. Match The Plans With Your Land

A set of Site Plans are the set of plans that shows the physical location of your log home or cabin on your  property. In some counties in Utah you will be required to have a surveyor create these. This is a service that we can also set up for you.

7. Create The Final Plan

A Final Plan is created with all the information gathered from the previous steps. At this point the log cabin or home plans are finalized. This is the set of plans Uinta uses to create the home you are envisioning on your land.

8. Engineering 

The next step is engineering. A chosen architect will pass your plans on to the an engineer. The engineer will take the plans and engineer them for the specific location and building codes and then place his stamp on them.

9. Acquire a Building Permit

At last you will have everything in your hand to apply for a building permit!

10. Follow The Progress of Your New Home Daily

Our unique approach to working with our customers through our social media outlets like twitter, Facebook and Instagram ensures that they know how the work is going — All the time. We update customers directly so they can gauge the progress of their mountain dream home themselves.